Hello I Am

Dr. Richard Booth

Clinician. Speaker. Workshop Innovator. Consultant.

Providing Individualized programming to meet your organization’s needs. Utilizing industry leading practices and principles guided by a clinical lens.

Working together to solve real-world problems with evidence-based solutions, guided by the principles of listening, understanding, researching, acting, and assessing.

Richard Booth, Ph.D.

Our Process


18 Years Of Experience

Dr. Booth conducts consultation, workshops, trainings, seminars, and focused programming to a variety of organizations such as the Department of Children, Youth and Families, the Boys and Girls Club, AmeriCorps, Rhode Island State Council of Churches, The Children and Youth Cabinet, various colleges and universities, state and governmental agencies, domestic violence shelters, community recreation centers, schools, and childcare centers.

In his clinical capacity, Dr. Booth has worked in various mental health settings such as partial hospitals, community mental health centers, Elementary, Middle, and High schools, youth correctional facilities, and college counseling centers.

Strength Based Perspective

Acknowledging that current skills and practices of individuals and organizations are adaptive yet may limit present success. This cooperative framework highlights the need for improved practices and skills to meet new roles, expectations, and demands.

Evidence Guided Practice

Utilizes the cooperative integration of best research, evidence, and clinical practices to assure client’s goals are identified and met.

Solution Focused Strategies

Utilizing cooperative, future-directed, goal-oriented actions to solve present problems. Solutions encapsulate assessment of prior success, current difficulties, with a focus on improving outcomes.