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Dr. Booth applies his clinical expertise and knowledge to develop individualized action plans to educate; improve organizational culture, employee supports and wellness.  

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Professional Development

Dr. Booth provides customized modules, which utilize evidence-based training resources, and tools for organizational leaders and staff. These sessions bolster knowledge, skills aquisition and efficacy.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Workshops explore cognitive processes and behavioral practices that underlie concepts of self and “other.” Sessions are designed to promote openness, focusing on experiences and world views. Actionable steps are combined with empathy and validation to promote equity and employee satisfaction.

Parent Modules

Parent-centered workshops series are designed to educate and support parents thought their multi-tiered interactions with school systems and organizations. Caregivers conditions, knowledge and skills will be explored. Empirically validated and real-world skills will be practiced to increase competencies, understanding and applicability.

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Youth Programming

Programs are created to empower youth, while providing skills associated with interpersonal, social and educational success. Learning experiences are grounded in foundational psychological theories and are designed to enhance development, while strengthening neurological pathways and connections.” 

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Customized Workshops/Trainings

Dr. Booth individualizes trainings to meet the desired solutions and unique needs of an organization. Workshops are personalized to support company values and objectives. The purpose of these customized solutions are to increase knowledge and skills acquisition.